This Garden is dedicated to Dr Pracha Tree-Intong, School of Biosciences PhD student 2016-2020.

I am grateful to have known Pracha during our PhD years. Pracha started as someone who is very shy - perhaps not very confident with English - to becoming my best buddy. We not only helped one another through PhD but we also shared great times together - usually over food! I’d never forget how Pracha eyes would gleam at the thought of food, especially sweets and Thai food (yes, his patriotism at heart!)! But he can also be a very big critique!

Pracha enjoys (and can be very competitive at) playing badminton. This interest of his also helped him extend his social circles beyond just Thais but also making great friendships with a friendly bunch who shares the same interest as him. When he is not doing his PhD, he is either working part time or meeting friends for badminton and food!

Pracha is a kind and loving man who always put his family first. Despite having to do his PhD in English, he continued to work part-time so he can earn more money to support and buy gifts for his family and girlfriend – fulfilling their wishes where he could. He would work into midnight yet still never complain as he enjoys seeing them happy.

Pracha is very adventurous and always up for challenges (ok, sometimes need a little nudge) – I think this is very apparent from his deciding to do his PhD in the UK despite not wanting to leave home (Thailand). Pracha is also humble – to the point that he can sometimes underestimate himself. His English has improved tremendously in a short time and that helped him work up the courage to join conferences and meetings. We shared many such trips together, including an extended holiday after we finished a workshop at Lisbon, Portugal. Pracha is a great travel buddy and I still look back at the trip fondly.

Although Pracha is never going to admit it, he is intelligent – he is the first in his family to attend universities and achieved not only a degree but a PhD degree! I would never forget the confused yet surprised look on his face when he received the best poster award at a conference! When he finally registered that he won a prize, he was so happy and proud – even when the prize is a box of chocolates (he hates chocolates)!

He likes to capture memories in pictures
He cannot live without his songs and coffee

CC Foo

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